Brayden Whitlock

Non-Academic Writing

Whitlock releases short essays and opinion pieces as blog posts, guest columns/op-eds, and as posts on this site. Some select recent work is shown here.

A Small Win for Free Speech: UAlberta Pro Life (22 Jan 2020)

(Edmonton Journal) 

UAlberta Pro Life v. University of Alberta. This case heard by the Alberta Court of Appeal forced the University to tell the world exactly what it thinks of the idea of free expression for students. Spoiler: they don't like it. 

Universities have adopted a primary objective of cultural activism. Let's stop pretending we haven't noticed.

This is an excerpt of a longer essay on how university research ethics offices no longer just prevent harm (as we know harm), but instead serve to guard and control ideas and exclude people with wrong opinions.

Academic Freedom in Canada: a pilot study (25 March 2019)


We asked Canadian Academics how they felt about academic inquiry. Here we tell the story of the results and the difficulties in asking controversial questions.

A Tax on Free Speech (26 March 2017)

(Toronto Sun)

Western University charged a group of students a controversy tax for their hosting of Jordan Peterson. We are moving toward a world where people can only afford to express uncontroversial opinions.

Controversy Tax (25 Feb 2016)

(Edmonton Journal)

The University of Alberta imposed a controversy tax on UAlberta Pro-Life, diminishing the right of free speech.

Academic Freedom in University Governance (17 Jan 2016)

(Winnipeg Free Press)

Some public universities are less free than they seem, and one even has a religious requirement to hold office.

Indigenous Culture by Force (7 Jan 2016)

(Winnipeg Free Press)

Why the University of Winnipeg's decision to make indigenous cultural education mandatory for everyone is a mistake.