Brayden Whitlock


PRESENTATIONS ON HOLD Dec. 2018 to present.

I am not accepting bookings for oral presentations currently. Media requests are still evaluated case by case here.

Whitlock speaks publicly about leadership, reason, political philosophy, and normative ethics. Some recent presentations that are prepared and available are below. Others are constructed as required. Get in touch for details and to invite a presentation.

1) The reality of starting a nonprofit group project. This includes dealing with the psychological and ethical issues of leading a charity-focused team.

2) The role of reason in lacking faith. This is an open look at how an inability to maintain faith is healthy and leads to the lack of belief in gods.

3) Hypocrisy and what we don't say about violence. This is a look at how our world needs hypocrites, how something can be illegal and ethically permissible at the same time, and how we confuse ourselves about the nature of violence.